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Tire Pressure Problem

September 8, 2016

I was zooming along the interstate. At the speed limit, of course.

And a dashboard light came on with a loud Ding. The light told me there was a problem with Tire Pressure.

I pulled over at the next safe opportunity, got the tire pressure guage out and checked for which one was low.

All four tires had 26 pounds. None looked flat.

Back in the car, started the engine thinking the light would go off.

Nope. Same light, same loud Ding.

Time went by as it always does and the light stayed on for several days and the Ding donged every time I started the car.

I  diagnosed the problem as being in the warning system itself, or in the valve stem of one of the tires. Both of these were problems far beyond my ability to fix.

Took it to the people who know way more about this stuff than I ever will.

You’ve probably already figured this out, but the problem wasn’t the warning system. The problem wasn’t a valve stem, either.

The person who explained the problem to me has a great ability to keep a straight face.

Turns out all four tires were just low on air. “No charge, Joe. Thanks for coming by.”

Let’s get back to this tomorrow. Right now, I gotta get my tire gauge out and be sure the air pressure’s okay today.




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  1. Janet permalink

    Wish we had a warning light or maybe a pressure gauge


  2. Word, Janet.


  3. Kaye permalink

    Terry had same problem but tires were low so he aired them up. Stil dinged and he decided it was a warning system problem until he was stranded on side of road with flat. Bought new tires! Problem solved.


  4. Sure do wish I would have had that early warning system several years back on the Interstate in the area of Marion, IL. I was on the last leg of a 21 hour trip home from a visit to a friend in South Carolina. Blessedly there wasn’t a car around me when I blew the tire at 60 miles an hour. I remember heading for the center and trees and then turning back to the roadside and being able to straighten out there. Blessedly, I had a cell phone, still a novelty then. The County Sheriff’s deputy couldn’t have been nicer and neither could the tow truck driver. It was the middle of the night and I had to get a motel room for the few hours before the garage where the car was towed would be open. I still have the car and it has less than 45,000 miles on the odometer, so I expect to have it for a long time. I want one of those dingers though!


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