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“Our Youth is Troubled. Do Something, Even If….”

August 2, 2016

Her name is Max, she’s about 30, and she lives in Ferguson, MO.

We have more in common than either of us would have guessed.  

Here’s what she wrote recently, and it’s with her gracious permission that I share this with you — 

Sometimes, when you pay someone a compliment, they look at you like you’re crazy. Took a chance just now.

Saw these teenage girls at the gas station, and complimented one of their purses. She sweetly said thank you and her posse smiled too.

When I got to the register, they were ahead of me and were 5 something short on their smoothies.

Since they were NICE teenagers, I picked up their tab, and told them to keep being sweet, and to be good to their parents.

Omg those kids were so happy!

All was wonderful until they called me ma’am, and I realized I though of them as kids. 😱

Our youth is troubled. Do something, even if it’s just helping a kid get a soda. They will NEVER forget it.

I STILL remember the lady that bought me those m&ms when I was like 6!!!

— Take her advice.

Even if they do call you Sir or Ma’am.

And even if they don’t.

Take a chance.


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  1. Gwendy Garner permalink

    Wonderful message as always. Always hits home.


    • Thank you. And, I would love to get you and Max together for coffee and just sit and listen to the conversation!

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  2. Bill and Jan Prewitt permalink

    AMEN I love to pay compliments…….it sometimes makes your day!


  3. I don’t think the Ma’am would have given me pause as it only added to the respect they were exercising. I always loved the little bit in the movie “Beaches” where, in the beginning, the aunt gives Cece a dollar and when Cece asks why, the aunt answers, “To keep you honest.” Later in the movie, Cece sticks a bill (tip?) in the doorman’s pocket and when he asks why, she answers “To keep you honest.” Not a wording that would work today and would offend if it were said to me, but the premise is the same as here. When we pay forward something good, it encourages another (to keep honest). Just a compliment and/or a soda is an “attaboy” without comment! I love it!


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