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“Worship and Vote”

April 27, 2016

This applies to all of us, whatever church we claim and/or whatever church claims us. 

James Howell is a colleague I don’t think I’ve ever met. I know very little about him, so I’m neither endorsing nor criticizing him nor his ministry.

But he wrote what I quote below. The highlights are mind. He wrote this yesterday at the end of a long piece on our upcoming international denominational General Conference in Portland, mid-May 2016.

It’s been nagging at me in a good way all night, and so I wanna share it with you this morning. File this under “What If” —

We could simply worship and pray, and not do any business at all, renewing the old idea of the Moravian Pentecost.

Zinzendorf summoned all the quarrelling, divided delegates together in 1727 for a conference, and conducted no business whatsoever.

They just worshipped, fasted, sang, washed each other’s feet, shared in love feasts, and Zinzendorf didn’t let them leave until they learned to love one another. 

They found themselves moved by the Spirit; then they went back home, and set their communities on fire. 

God’s even big enough, and humble enough, to move genuinely open hearts during a conference where we worship and vote. 

Please note that he’s not promoting pyromania and he’s not suggesting burning down buildings and he’s not suggesting bringing harm to people. When he writes that they went back home, and set their communities on fire he means they were so moved by the Spirit that they couldn’t help but make a radical difference right where they lived and worked and played and yeah. 

And I love his description of how that might happen: a conference where we worship and vote.


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  1. I have to REALLY think on that one!


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