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Substance over Style

September 15, 2014

Follow my example,

as I follow the example of Christ.

— St. Paul, 1st Corinthians 11:1

St. Paul wasn’t writing about style.

He was all about substance.

He wasn’t telling people how to comb their hair or what color of clothes to wear.

He was writing about The Most Substantial One and advising us to join him as together we follow the example of Christ.

Only then does it make sense to invite someone to follow my example.

Serious stuff.

May we be able to say to our friends and family, Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

Could make for a much more interesting week than last week.

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  1. I could be here a week proffering my take on Paul and his journeys (Rev. James Schuetz, “pronounced ootz as in foots” to quote him, was a Paul officiando; he was one of my pastors in my years at Cahokia Park UMC). Many studies on Paul, his letters, his journeys were quite indepth! His letters to Corinth, in particular. This verse is one of his gems of wisdome and I relish it. You did it to me AGAIN!!


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