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Drew’s T-Shirt and Your Dream

November 20, 2011

The final t-shirt Drew told me about said “Dream Maker” on the front.

They’ve been sung about for years.  A few quick sample cuts include two Brothers crooning  “whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream,” to the anthem by those bad boys from Boston, “Dream until your dreams come true” to Miley’s “Go out on  a limb and just dream.”

Nothing wrong with dreaming.

In the Bible, God frequently communicates with people through their dreams.  As we get closer to Christmas, we’ll run into that in the New Testament with Joseph and his dreams.  But Joseph’s dreams and their messages drove him into action.  That’s different from the three lyrics I quoted, which leave you in  a dream world.

Taking action on your dreams is what will make them come true.

My final questions in this series on Drew’s t-shirts: what are you dreaming about, while you’re awake?  Which of those are your life’s 3 dominant dreams?  Pick one. Write down 1 thing you can do today to “go out on a limb” and work to make that dream come true.  When today will do do that?

Which brings us right back where we started, with you being an “Idea Maker” who

1. takes action that

2. builds a future that

3. becomes a rich history that

4. fills you with hope that

5. fuels your dreams.

As always, I’d love to hear from you about this.  See you back here soon.


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One Comment
  1. Bill Totten permalink

    This blog kind of ties it all together! We need to be reminded of this often and let Christ work through us. For some reason this blog brought back memories of the Indiana Farm Bureau commercials that were broadcast during Hoosier basketball games, with young Oscar Robertsons, Niel Armstrongs and others dreaming big and acting on those dreams. I could see an “Effingham Legends” video featuring Amanda King…(insert your name here)…dreaming and acting for Christ.


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