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CLUB 444: Really, Indiana?


Notice of a Special Called Session of the Indiana Annual Conference

—- A Special Session of Annual Conference has been called by Bishop Trimble, in consultation with the Cabinet, to take place for the single purpose of approval of churches seeking disaffiliation and having completed the requirements adopted by the INUMC under BOD paragraph 2553.

The Special Session will be held by Zoom on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time). In order to be eligible for consideration for approval at the Special Session, a congregation is expected to have:

  • Completed a process of discernment.
  • Completed the congregational vote (with Conference Superintendent or designee) by October 15, 2022.
  • Completed all of the requirements adopted by the INUMC under BOD paragraph 2553.
  • New requests from congregations asking about the costs and details for disaffiliation will be processed after Annual Conference, beginning June 13, 2022.

Registration information will be distributed at a later date.

Going Through Their Stuff


Melissa Vaughn wrote the following piece.

Brace yourself.

Wow. And again: wow.

When my mom was cleaning out her house over 23 years ago to sell it, I wasn’t very sympathetic over her attachments to things. I would go over on weekends to help her and we would go through things, things for a yard sale, things to donate, things to throw away. I would usually get upset over how long it was taking her to decide. For instance, we were going through kitchen cabinets and she spent 20 minutes looking at an iron kettle with a lid. Finally I said,

“Mom, at this rate it is going to take us another 2 years.”

She told me that her mother used to make meals in that kettle and leave them at doorsteps of neighbors during the depression, mom would deliver them, and then they would reappear back to her with an apron, or a wood carving, something in return for the meal. I realized that everything that my mom was going through was really a reliving of her life.

If you are reading this and are under the age of 60, you wont get it. You haven’t lived long enough. Most of you have not had to move your parents into a nursing home, or emptied their home. You haven’t lived long enough to realize that the hours you spend picking out the right cabinets, or the perfect tile will not be what matters in the later years. It will be the handmade toothbrush holder, or a picture that you got on vacation.

So, if your parents are downsizing, and moving to smaller places, or selling a home, give your mom and even your dad a break. Those things that you don’t understand why they can’t just pitch, and why you think you know what needs to be tossed or saved, give them a little time to make their decisions. They are saying goodbye to their past, and realizing that they are getting ready for their end of life, while you are beginning your life.

As I have been going through things, its amazing just how hard it is to get rid of objects. But, life goes on, and you realize they are just things, but sometimes things comfort us. So give your parents or grandmparents a break.

Listen to their stories, because in 40 years, when you are going through those boxes and the memories come back, it will be hard to get rid of those plastic champagne flutes that you and your late husband used at a New Years party 40 years ago. You will think nothing of the tile or the light fixtures that were so important then.

As happy as they are for you, and as much as they love you, you just don’t have a clue until it happens to you and then you will remember how you rushed them, and it will make you sad, especially if they are already gone and you cant say I’m sorry, I didn’t get it.

—- Yup.

With my mom having been an Art Teacher with more than one storage unit…for whom everything was worth saving “because it might come in handy….”

Memories galore.

Regrets aplenty.

Club 444: Not Just for United Methodists

Bishop Bill Lewis from a week ago —-

Some of my friends (actually, just one who is left) have asked me to share some of my thoughts about recent events involving the departure of a significant segment of United Methodists to start a new denomination of their own.

When I was young, I bought a set of John Wesley’s Journals. I was eccentric in those days, and I used to read them a lot. I am ninety now and I have outgrown most of those youthful eccentricities.

We had some serious water damage in the lower level of our house one summer when we were gone. A broken water pipe just above my stash of old books. Ruined them. Can’t read Wesley’s Journal anymore.

There was one passage I particularly liked. It was about a visit to the Society at Gateshead.

There were a number of angry people in the Society at Gateshead. They were very contentious. Against everything.

Wesley went himself on a mission of reconciliation but in the end there was nothing to do but make them mad enough to leave.

On the way back to London he was assessing the damage. He had a thing about numbers and keeping accurate records.

When he totaled up the numbers left in the Society at Gateshead about half of them were gone. After some serious rumination he concluded that “The half is better than the whole” and rode home singing one of his brother’s hymns.

—- Whaddya say?

RSVP, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow RSVP, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow

Chuck Noll, St. Paul, and You

Encourage one another.

1st Thessalonians 5:11

NFL Coach Chuck Noll (Pittsburgh Steelers, 19 69–1991) said —-

“On every team there is a core group that sets the tone for everyone else.

“If the tone is positive you have half the battle won.

“If it is negative, you are beaten before you ever walk on the field.”

—- How is it with your church?

St. Paul wasn’t kidding when telling us to Encourage one another.

Coach Noll reminds us why that’s important.

Again, how is it with your church?

Or So I’ve Heard

Their entire lives they will produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.” —- Psalm 92:14, RDSV

Keith Richards said —-

—- Seems to be true.

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow people, where is your past?
Tomorrow people, how long will you last?

Don’t you wish you’d written that? I know I do.

That’s by reggae artist Ziggy Marley.

And it addresses so much, so fast, so accurately, for so many.

Including those who are Christ’s Holy Church.

Let’s pick up right there later.

For now, let’s allow Ziggy’s two questions to be a bit provocative.

Or even more than a little disturbing:

Tomorrow people, where is your past?
Tomorrow people, how long will you last?

For Mother’s Day from The Archives

That’s My Mom

May 7, 2014

Yesterday was the first warm and sunny day here when I could carve out time to go surprise my mom.

For the record, she will be 102 years old on July 29.

One.  Hundred.  And Two.

So at 101, and given all the givens of her current condition and situation, I’ve gotten used to her not always recognizing me. She often thinks I’m her brother. Knowing my uncle, I take that as a high compliment.

Yesterday, armed with a pair of sunglasses for her, a lawn chair waiting in the car for me, and ice cold cans of soda for us both, I went to her nursing home.  She was scooting along in her wheelchair, right in the center of everything.

I greeted her and identified myself.  Then I told her, “The weather is great and I have a moment, let’s get outside and enjoy it.  Here are sunglasses, put ’em on and we’re gonna zoom outa here!”

She did.  We did.

Sitting in the parking lot facing the late afternoon sun, she was in her wheelchair and I was in my lawnchair.  The sodas were still cold.  We were talking about everything and nothing.  All seemed well with the world.

I was about to brag on myself for finally getting all the pieces in place for this moment, when she sat up straighter and started to talk loudly.

This is very unusual.

I’m sitting in the sun, with a sweater on.  

How am I supposed to get a tan like this?

That’s my mom.

CLUB 444: When Making a List, Be Checking It Twice

United Methodist Bishop Ken Carter serves our churches in Florida, where they made news this week…and here is his response from earlier today —

There was an announcement that a number of Florida Churches are disaffiliating. A particular number was given. I want to say here the number is not a real number, and that we learned through the week that many pastors, lay leaders and congregations were unaware that they were included on the list.

As a young friend says, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

You Know Who You Are and What You Do. And I’m Grateful!

You participate in Fresh-Brewed Daily, which is the official name for my humble blog, and I thank you.

You read. Whether it’s on a phone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop, you take time from your online expeditions and tours of duty to stop here. I thank you.

You comment. Sometimes here, sometimes using any of the variety of ways we keep in touch with each other in 2022. Including, GASP, using your phone to call me and doing that quaint thing called Talking.

I’ve even known a few people to comment by talking live, in person, face to face.

It’s always good to hear from you! I thank you.

And you share. You re-post stuff from and it’s a wonderful habit.

Beyond a quick click to two, you follow through with one of the take-aways from the 7.5 years those Presbyterians encouraged, wrangled, and a couple of times almost beat a doctoral degree out of me: whenever possible, you credit your source. And I thank you.

You know who you are.

You read.

You comment.

You share.

You are a gift!

And I am grateful.

Because You Asked: A Guide to My Five-Days-a-Week Devotional Videos

With gratitude to all who have asked, here’s the schedule of what I currently post on my “Joe Scheets” FB page —

Monday: Life Lyrics, about 2 mins or less looking at a song

Tuesday: Bible Study, exactly what the title says, about 5 mins or less

Wednesday: Wonderful Words of Life, about 2 mins or less, quick and hopefully memorable excavations

Thursday: about 2 mins or less, thinking together about gratitude

Friday: tasting some Fruit of the Spirit, usually in 2 mins or less

— You’re invited, so stop on by.

And feel free to comment and share any or all of these Devotional Video Blogs (once upon a time, we tried to call them “vlogs”…hoooboy.)

Again, thanks to all who’ve asked!