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BONUS BLOG: Far Beyond ASBURY REVIVAL/AWAKENING 2023: Taylor’s perspective

April 22, 2023

Taylor Watson Burton-Edwards is a beloved colleague, who wrote and publicly shared this in the waning days/early initial aftermath of The Asbury Revival/Awakening 2023. It’s applicable to waaaaay more than that one situation! —

Wesley did not let people “speak” unless they had fruit already, ahead of time. This is why he required tickets for persons to attend love feasts and watch nights. It’s also why he set up careful examination and preparation processes for persons even to become “helpers,” exhorters, or lay preachers. 

Wesley was not a fan of “untested” enthusiasm. 

I think this is the quandary many find themselves in in terms of how to think about whatever it is that is happening (again) at Asbury University. It isn’t just a matter of “wait and see.” It’s a matter of proper leadership and participation from a Wesleyan perspective so that this does not become nor devolve to mere enthusiasm.

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