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So Listen

April 19, 2023

Terry Fleming graciously said I could share this with you here. Words of wisdom for this Easter season and far beyond coming your way next —-

On March 9th, 2004, I had the privilege of hearing Bishop Lindsey Davis deliver a lecture on “The Lessons I Have Learned in Ministry.” (Later, I might share my notes from that day.) But I remember well this one quip.

Bishop Davis was talking about a pastor in our conference who had a cell phone and pagers for both the church and his family. Bishop Davis said, “He was a quivering mass of accessibility.”

Today – we are worse. Social media, texting, emails at a touch, notifications non-stop 24/7…it is so easy to get addicted to the small screen.

[Today] is a time to remind ourselves, remind one another – we must make efforts to be accessible to God.

Stillness is the means of grace we need, the ability to quiet all competing desires, to deliberately turn a deaf ear to the attention-grabbers. Because God WANTS to be heard – but only those who listen will hear.

Away, distractions. Silence, hungers of the flesh. Awaken, oh my soul.

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