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BONUS BLOG: Here in the Hallway on this Holy Day

April 8, 2023

Bishop Ken Carter, earlier on this Holy Saturday of Holy Week 2023 —-

For all of us who are in an in-between moment, no longer where we were, not yet where we will be. Words for Holy Saturday from Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury:

“In this empty hallway, there’s nothing expected of us at this moment. The work is out of our hands, and all we can do is wait, breathe, look around. People sometimes feel like this when they’ve been up all night with someone who’s seriously ill or dying, or when they’ve been through a non-stop series of enormously demanding tasks. A sort of peace, but more a sort of ‘limbo’, an in-between moment. For now, nothing more to do; tired, empty, slightly numbed, we rest for a bit, knowing that what matters is now happening somewhere else.”

Today, stay with the reality of the in-between moment. Breathe, grind the beans, take the next faithful step.


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