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Suicide, Memories, and That “Peace of Mind” Singer

March 13, 2023

Danny Vaughn wrote the following two days ago, for which I’m grateful —-

16 years ago yesterday was, for me, a great day. I was on tour with Journey in the U.K. and the shows were going wonderfully. That night my dear friend Jeff Scott Soto, singer for Journey, came into our dressing room looking so dejected and upset.

We had just gotten the news that Brad Delp, singer from the band Boston, had committed suicide. Jeff, Tony Marshall and I played a Boston song that night in tribute and we had a tough time not breaking down. Boston is a band that shaped our lives and Brad’s voice was unlike any other.

An impossible range, a beautiful tone, layer upon layer of stunning harmonies, he had it all.

And yet, what tore me up the most was the message in his suicide note. Part of it said,

“I have lost the will to live. I am a lonely soul”.

This spoke right to my heart.

So I’m writing this today in sympathy and understanding of anyone that battles with depression.

I have been fighting it for many, many years now. I’m fighting it today. And I’m lucky that I have had so much help.

So my message today is: depression wants you to be lonely. It feeds off of that and grows stronger. It lies and tells you no one cares and no one will understand.

Don’t believe it.

Someone in your life does care. Find them. Talk to them. Listen to your own voice telling someone else about your pain. Even that can help.

You’re not alone.

Dear Brad, your voice rings eternally beautiful around the world all these years later. And you are missed.

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  1. As one who battles depression daily, this hits so close to home! Thanks for sharing!


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