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3 Lies We GOTTA Stop Telling Ourselves

March 8, 2023

Anthony Oneal recently wrote the following, and it’s too good to keep to myself —

3 Lies We GOTTA Stop Telling Ourselves

1. A little debt is ok.

Y’all know the only type of debt I support is a mortgage because it’s an asset that increases your net worth over time. Everything else? Don’t believe the hype. 

2. You need to be married by a certain age.

Incorrect. You should marry when you’re fully ready to be a spouse and you find someone you can build with. Take your time. Work on yourself. There’s no expiration date. 

3. Therapy is too expensive.

Listen. You know what’s expensive? Carrying around generational trauma that affects every aspect of your life. If you can find money for that trip to Vegas or Beyonce’s 2023 Renaissance tour, you can find money to invest in your mental health.

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