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ASBURY REVIVAL: Elizabeth’s perspective

February 23, 2023

Fellow Asburian Elizabeth Fulmer Sullivan wrote the following at the end of last week and has graciously given her expressed permission to share it with you —

Some thoughts on what is happening at Asbury and now around the country at other college campuses. I just got home…

1. This (whatever it is!) began years ago with men and women who have prayed tirelessly for God to be real to the world the way He has been real to them.

2. It isn’t about any one leader or individual and it isn’t about religion.

3. It is a response from a good, loving and holy God who because of his kindness desires repentance.

4. God is working in the hearts of all there who are desperate for him- sometimes that work is painful but it is always good.

5. It is not some wild emotional experience. I would say this movement is more about the fruit of the Holy Spirit than the gifts.

6. It is a multigenerational movement being lead by Gen Z. (People over the age of 25, you will be affected if you go and you can learn from people younger than you)

7. Pastors- it is also for you- to remember why you went into ministry …to realize that Jesus died for the church so you don’t have to…To remember that the most significant title you have is child of God- not Pastor.

8. Go to this thing- go quietly, humbly, expectantly and just recieve what God has for you.

9. Leave – leave when God tells you that he is done with you so you can make room for someone else.

10. Serve- after you have tasted and seen- once your hunger has been satisfied- just go serve someone else.

Think of all we just went through- our world… a global pandemic for one thing! And that is just one- it makes sense that we all need just a little more of the Goodness of God in our lives. Yep- that is at the heart of what has started in Asbury.

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