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ASBURY REVIVAL: Tim’s perspective

February 21, 2023

Ann Graham Lotz on the Asbury Awakening —-

The revival at the Wilmore, Ky., school began on Feb. 8 and has not stopped, running consecutively for more than 300 hours.

Lotz quoted her husband’s nephew, Dr. John-Paul Lotz, who she said was sent by Regent University to observe the revival.

‘”John-Paul texted me with this description: There was ‘no leader, no rival, no envy, no pride, all humility, meekness, gentle hearts, stumbling sinners, tender students serving thousands of curious visitors in their love for mercy without knowing they are doing so! It is legit.

GenZ write-offs are graciously allowing us to peek in on this surprising work of God as they serve us like priests, unconsciously dragging us into the presence of the Lord through young, redeemed, romantic hearts for God. Christ is being honored, God is being glorified, the Spirit is at liberty.

The real awkward cringe-worthy gawkers are the over forty’s like myself who can’t put down their phones. The Z’s left theirs at home….'”

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