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ASBURY REVIVAL 2023: Susan’s perspective

February 21, 2023

Fellow Asburian Susan Morgan Patterson says it well in a public forum —

To those of you who are having doubts about the validity of the Asbury revival (including a very well-educated ‘friend’ who inferred Asbury was a liberal school), let me share a little about my precious alma mater.

Formed in the greatness of John and Charles Wesley, and of course, Francis Asbury, this institution has been a bastion of love, worship, and holiness unto the Lord for over 200 years.

It has helped formulate the faith of many great people, including myself, a lukewarm ‘baptist’, who really did not know what walking out a Christian life every day, meant.

I was rooted and grounded during my four years at Asbury, and credit my Lord and savior Jesus, and this school, with equipping me to do the works that God would later have for my husband and me.

Although I enjoyed most of the chapel services, NEVER did I think about staying after and seeking the face of God to move on my school, much less miss a meal to worship Him! Although I do agree that we will not know the full and lasting affects of this movement, I choose to believe that God will ALWAYS meet the heart of a sincere person, seeking Him, and I believe these young people may be the keys to turning our nation back to her God once more!

Please – instead of spewing skepticism and negativity – pray that the winds of revival blow through our land once again!

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