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Jesus Did What?

February 18, 2023

My dad frequently referenced John 11:35, in no small part because it’s the shortest verse in the Bible.

But also because it packs so much into such brevity:

Jesus wept.

The older I get the more I appreciate both him and that verse.

For a lotta reasons. An increasing amount of reasons, actually.

Recently I found this, which I believe to be written by Amy Nix

God’s response to Lazarus’ death was

not, “He’s in a better place,”

and it wasn’t “Don’t worry; you’ll see him again.”

His response was to weep.

That’s it: Jesus wept.

A Christlike response to someone’s grief

is to grieve with them.

No platitudes or stoic strength.

Just weep.

— Let’s try to remember that, and to remind each other of that.

And let’s follow His example.

By the grace of God there’ll be time to do more, and even to say more.


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