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ASBURY REVIVAL 2023: John’s perspective, x2

February 13, 2023

Regulars here are no strangers to John Thomas Vidakovich, or Johnny Vee as I affectionately call him. I cite him often. Very long time friend and colleague, he’s in the Closer Than a Brother category. He wrote the following yesterday, and I thank him again for his graciously expressed permission to share these with you here —


When the last praise chorus has been sung, the last raised hand lowered,

the last kneeler has left the altar,

then what?

What fruits will revival produce?

Will hungry people be fed?

Will misfits be welcomed?

Will prisoners be visited?

Will those who mourn be comforted?

Will enemies be loved and persecutors prayed for?

Will generosity of time and money increase?

Or will it go back to business as usual?

If that is the case, it really isn’t revival, is it?

Is it?

and even more recently, as in this morning —

I am not an evangelical Christian, at least as that is defined in popular culture.

But I read today where students at Asbury University, in the midst of a great revival, turned back Christian Nationalists who wanted to exploit this event for political purposes. “This is about God’s Kingdom, not politics.”

I couldn’t love them more. A sign of hope.

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