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Offense or Defense?

February 12, 2023

Stacy Hulm is an online friend who’s no stranger to regular readers of this space. Here’s one of her recent works; her words, my highlights. Ready for The Big Game today? —-

God gave me a dream a few nights ago: I was at a church event for leaders, and there were dangerous lions prowling the area. A church staffer handed me a stun-gun and said, “Lions are on the premises so we are giving these out.” I was perplexed that they thought a stun-gun was powerful enough to stop a lion, but others walked about seemingly unworried, with stun-guns in their pockets. For a minute I thought, ‘Maybe I should be like everyone else, and trust the stun-gun.’ However, I needed to get to my car, and of course, a huge, angry lion was circling it! I sized-up the lion, then looked down at my small stun-gun and thought, “There is no WAY this will stop a charging lion.” I felt fear because I knew I was so inadequately armed. Then I woke up.

Here is the meaning: Many churches have been comfortable allowing the enemy to prowl around, and have inadequately armed God’s people. In dreams, our car represents our own life journey or ministry. In this dream, the enemy (lion) threatened to keep me from continuing my divine purpose, but what the church gave me to defeat the lion was of little to no help. Even though others seemed to be all-right with what the church provided, I knew that against an angry enemy, we needed much more. Think of how different my dream would have been, had the staffer said; “We don’t let lions on these grounds! But just in case, here’s a Sword, aim for the heart, you can’t miss!”

In the Bible, Lightning symbolizes God’s power and presence. Churches who are more interested in charming the crowds with wit, clever buzzwords, and cutting edge programs, are handing out counterfeit power (electricity) that feels “safe,” but it’s putting the church in danger. Then those churches are sending consultants out to other churches so their programs can be stunning too, but lacking true power. I believe God is going to call people and churches and ministries up, who are NOT looking around to see what everyone else is doing. They will be FINE with being peculiar, and they will use the Sword of God’s Word to chase down and slay the enemy.

I love that when David was guarding his father’s sheep, a lion attacked, but David seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. In Leviticus 26, God said “You will chase down your enemies and slaughter them with your swords. Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand! All your enemies will fall beneath your sword.” One of the verses I use in a deliverance is Psalm 45:5, “Your arrows are sharp, piercing the enemies’ heart.” The Bible consistently talks of God devouring, trampling, shattering, and destroying the enemy, and charging us to do the same.

The church needs to get off of defense and get on offense! When Joshua and the Israelites were about to conquer Jericho, Rahab told the Israelite spies: “When we heard you were coming, our hearts melted in fear and everyone’s courage failed because of you, for the LORD your God is God in heaven above and on the earth below.” Instead of the church being in fear, the enemy should be in fear! Take up the armor of God and use your sword – the Word – to cut the enemy down. You have a calling, don’t let insecurity, fear, or pressure from others keep you from your purpose.

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  1. Nina Morwell permalink

    I think it is not “lightening” but “lightning” that symbolizes God’s power. 🙂


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