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It’s the Weekend! So…?

January 14, 2023

Jean Chatzky says there needs to be more to life than our work. Earlier this week, she wrote this —

The Wall Street Journal’s Rachel Feintzeig digs into why we should likely look outside our offices and cubicles so that one thing – our careers – don’t define us.

She interviewed Simone Stolzoff, the author of a not-yet-published book on how to separate ourselves from our jobs. He told her that “instead of leaving a ‘good enough’ job, try to find meaning and purpose elsewhere.

Get a hobby. Join communities — a running club, a neighborhood garden plot — where people don’t care about your job title.

Remember that it’s OK for a job to just be a paycheck that lets you live your life outside of work.”

Other suggestions for being happier at work include thinking about what drew you to the position in the first place and focusing on the parts of the job you really enjoy. 

— Sounds familiar.

You and I’ve read something, maybe in our Big Leather Books, about there being “six days for work” (yes, we all owe a debt of thanks to Unions) and one for…how’s that go again? Check out Exodus 34:21.

And we’ve also read from that same Source something about “life in all its fulness” and…how does that go again? John 10:10b is a great place to start.

And it’s the weekend. So where are you going to worship and, and…and Hebrews 10:25 says what about that?

And while you’re at it, Rachel Feintzeig’s advice to join a group “where people don’t care about your job title” just might well include something like, oh, maybe your local United Methodist Church. Just a suggestion.

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