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Look at Him Working

November 6, 2022

That other band in The British Invasion of the 1960s that had staying power, you know, not The Rolling Stones but The Beatles, gave us this image —

Father McKenzie,

writing the words

of a sermon

that no one will hear

— I was going to quote that here yesterday. That’s how it feels for pastors more often that we’ll admit. That’s how it feels writing things like this. That’s how any content creator feels sometimes.

But just as I was about to start work on that piece, someone reached out through the wonders of modern technology and was greatly appreciative of, well, honestly, this and other regular projects in which I’m involved.

Which came, as such things usually do, at precisely the right time. (Cue my Calvinist-Predestination friends’ lines about “The Providential Hand of Father Gawd.”)

Which takes us to another line of that same verse from the song Eleanor Rigby, still about Father McKenzie —

Look at him working

— Yup.

Me too.

Still am, and hope to see you back here soon!

Meanwhile: today’s Sunday and your pastor has been presumably divinely-inspired “writing the words of a sermon” for “(someone) to hear.“

Please listen.


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  1. Hand to the plow


  2. Look at him writing
    leaving his words in the void others seem unaware
    shows he does care

    All the lonely people
    they seek and sometimes find
    All the lonely people
    words soothe a weary mind


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