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This Blog Began Eleven Years Ago Today: “To Quote the Venerable Pink Floyd….”

November 5, 2022

On November 5, 2011, I began my humble blog with this —

To quote the venerable Pink Floyd…

…is there anybody out there?

Looking forward to getting going with all this!

See you back here soon, and then regularly.

— That was eleven years ago today.

Eleven years.

How would you begin to describe all that’s changed in our world since then? And in our lives? And in our hearts and minds?

Even more, what changes have we experienced in these past two years and eight months of our COVID-19 era? Remember the heights (or depths) of our pandemic era when we were all desperately scrambling for connection?

I’d love to know your answers; please hit me up using any of our usual platforms.

Going forward, it’s time for my humble daily devotional blogs to gradually become something new.

Part of that includes slowing down the frenetic release of new content here.

I’ll still officially call it “Fresh-Brewed Daily” and still share particularly good blends fairly often.

All of this I write and share with the deepest of gratitude for you who over the past eleven years have read or even just glanced at these.

And I certainly have the same if not more appreciation for all who commented over these past eleven years, whether here or in person or through any of our newly-usual ways using a variety of platforms.

Finally, As was said in days gone by, stay tuned.

To again quote the venerable Pink Floyd

is there anybody out there?

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  1. Matt Ticknor permalink

    We are out here Joe! Thanks for all your posts. I read them at the start of each day. With gratitude, Matt


  2. Ed andJanet Graveman permalink

    Will always enjoy whatever you put out but slow down and give yourself a break! Enjoy!


  3. Still crazy after all these years.


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