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A Pastor I Appreciate, part two

October 19, 2022

October has become Pastor Appreciation Month in many churches. With that as my filter, a quick glance up at my rearview mirror shows some past pastors I appreciate. Here’s one now —

Dr. Eugene M. Leckrone was the pastor of the church recommended to my mom; see Monday’s humble blog here for details.

He and the people of the church welcomed my mother and me, and we transferred our memberships not long after moving to Belleville, IL.

His love of reading and learning and the breadth and depth of both, along with his energy level and his focus on things of substance and significance, continue to influence me in my alleged retirement.

His appreciation of “the early Methodists” and “Mr. Wesley” have colored much of life with joy.

He continued what Dr. Lippman had begun. Suffice it say, see 1st Corinthians 3:6-8 for details of what I mean.

Over time, he recommended a place or two for my education. His was brilliant advice, and I’m still reaping the rewards of what he taught me.

One example is his analysis of why what were then called Extreme Liberals and Conservatives were both wrong. Ask me about that sometime.

A concept I picked up from an executive at Hallmark gave focus to what I saw Dr. Leckrone living, both in his active ministry and his extended semi-retirement: “orbiting the hairball.” Ask me about that sometime, too.

I can summarize much more than these phrases seem to initially say about both my first and second pastors: I’m grateful for them, and I miss them.

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