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And Not Only Women

September 25, 2022

Kayla Gant wrote this on March 7th, 2022 —

One of the greatest lessons that adult women need
to learn is meeting people where they are and to
stop writing friends off for being themselves.

This whole “we aren’t friends because she didn’t check
on me or she “never reaches out first”narrative is
lame. Women are out here struggling to just stay
above water every second of every day, fighting
their own demons.

There’s women out here going through divorces,
abuse, major depression, financial trouble, family
trouble, relationship trouble, health issues, work
issues, deaths and mental illness…and they are
supposed to constantly check in on YOU to be
your friend?

My friendship doesn’t have requirements. It
doesn’t have guidelines or quotas.

As long as it’s organic, unforced and NON TOXIC, you will forever
have my love and support.

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