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You Have Today

September 22, 2022

Tia Bircher Reid credits the line to a friend of hers, author Tracey McBeath. It was the first thing to go into my current back pocket notebook. It’s a reminder and a call to action and an invitation to life and a sobering reality and So. Much. More. —




— Pause.

Catch your breath.

Join me here —

YOU. Feel the spotlight. YOU have today. What are you doing with it?

You HAVE. It’s already yours. Full possession. No need to strive for it. It’s a gift that’s not been given to everyone today. You HAVE today. What are you doing with it?

You have TODAY. As my youth group guy Jamey Garner sings with his Nashville band High South, “There’s never been a moment like now.” This moment. Expand that just a bit, but not into a Five Year Plan and not even into Tomorrow; expand it to include the Twelve Step teaching of “one day at a time.” You have TODAY…what are doing with it?

Weave all that together with this savory Scripture: We rub our eyes—we can hardly believe it! This is the very day God acted! Let’s celebrate and be festive! (Psalm 118:23,24 the message version)

We have this present day, and the present is a gift.


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