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September 13, 2022

90 plus 11 =Infinity

Sixth graders from Vacation Bible School
Came to visit us at Colonial Hill.
A girl played the piano,
Another the violin.

And then we talked;
Two, each eleven;
Two, each in their nineties;
We talked.

Eleven “What was your favorite movie?”
Ninety “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
Eleven with shining eyes,
“I liked that one too!”

Ninety two “I was in the service for twenty eight years.”
Eleven “Thank you for your service!”
Ninety year old eyes, wet.
Ninety two “ A young person never said that to me before!”

Eleven, “Anyone want to play checkers?”
Ninety “I’ll play!”
Ninety beat two boys,
A girl was beating ninety when they had to go.

Eleven didn’t want to go;
Ninety waved as eleven drove away.

Ninety plus eleven equals infinity.
William Boyd Grove

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