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CLUB 444: Jason & David

August 30, 2022

Jason Moore is a colleague who posted this today —-

For all who know me, it is no secret that I feel most at home in the UMC and plan to stay. There is reform and revitalization that needs to happen, and I hope we’ll work toward that in a post-separation church.

I’ve also been outspoken about the half truths, mistruths and vitriolic postings by those looking to persuade those away from the UMC.

I’ve long thought that if what is being built or is already established is worthy of leaving for, it’ll happen naturally by those discerning where they should go next. This can and should happen without the propaganda, false information and negativity.

I very much appreciate the tone of David Watson’s article here. While David and I are in different places and probably don’t agree on everything, there is much that we do agree on and I can respect that he’s moving toward where he feels called.

Some progressives would categorize me as too conservative/traditional based on my unapologetic Jesus-centric (virgin birth, divinity, death, bodily resurrection) and conservatives would have a problem with my affirmation of LGBTQ people and their inclusion in ministry and the life of the church. I don’t neatly fit into the categories.

Like David, I was for the longest time a proponent of staying together. I really believed we could do it and remain connected in the big tent – holding in tension our differences with one another. Unlike David, I was a proponent of the One Church Plan and believed it could allow us to remain connected even with different convictions. When it failed, I began to see that separation was the only viable answer.

I wish people on all sides of these issues could take an approach that is more about blessing churches/ cheering them on as we go separate ways than it is about tearing them down. I understand how difficult that is, especially when it feels like the tactics being used are unbecoming of the church. It’s been pretty ugly on many occasions.

Let’s all tell the truth, be kind to each other, and go in our respective directions without trashing each other.

If you choose to respond, please keep it friendly.

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