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CLUB 444: Evangelism Schism?

August 23, 2022

Written for public consumption by long-time friend Warren “Wally” Latham

Makes me go, “Huh?”

I hear the Progressive spokespersons in the Methodist movement consistently calling for open tables, big tents, open doors, inclusivity of all persons regardless of…anything. Yet, where is the evangelism intrinsic to the Gospel which actually goes after the lost, the broken , the estranged, the destitute and brings them into the fellowship of believers through their embrace by the Loving Savior?

The work of evangelism which moves from lofty words to action in reaching the lost is seldom seen in their actions. Where does one see it? It is the orthodox, often called “Traditionalists,” who are reaching the unreached.

There are probably many reasons for this dichotomy, but it’s mere existence causes me pause. Progressive churches generally are in decline. Example, the decline of the UMC in the US for over 50 years. For the full 50+ years our denominational leaders have espoused a radical inclusivity and labeled

Traditionalists as exclusionary. Could it be the opposite is actually true?

If so, how might the authentic inclusivity of the gospel be lived out in the new Methodist movements which openly embrace and practice evangelism?

“Whosoever will may come…”

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