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Why Did He Die…and Are We Yet Alive? — part 8

August 20, 2022

Gotta hand the mic over to Charles Wesley who’s gonna lead us in this song —

1 And are we yet alive,
And see each other’s face?
Glory and praise to Jesus give
For His redeeming grace.

2 Preserved by power divine
To full salvation here,
Again in Jesus’ praise we join,
And in His sight appear.

3 What troubles have we seen,
What conflicts have we passed,
Fightings without, and fears within,
Since we assembled last.

4 But out of all the Lord
Hath brought us by His love;
And still He doth His help afford,
And hides our life above.

5 Then let us make our boast
Of His redeeming power,
Which saves us to the uttermost,
Till we can sin no more.

6 Let us take up the cross
Till we the crown obtain;
And gladly reckon all things loss,
So we may Jesus gain.

I’ve spent more time than I’ll admit trying to highlight a phrase, no a line, no wait, two lines, okay the entire verse, but this one’s good too and…there’s a reason his brother, John Wesley, wrote that we should sing all the verses of our songs….

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