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Fried? 2. Go Low

August 6, 2022

Yup, Pete Greig‘s too good to ignore


After feeding the five thousand we are told that Jesus was tired and withdrew to a lonely place. The crowd must have been clamouring for more – singing his praises. But instead of seizing the moment and capitulating to their demands he withdrew very deliberately for a night of solitude and a fishing trip with his closest friends. Jesus wasn’t just resting from busyness, he was also retreating from the spotlight. Going slow but also low. Prioritizing prayer over the plaudits of the crowd.

After any kind of high, it’s easy to show off, to be impatient if we are tired, or to feel ‘entitled’ so that we spoil ourselves in ways that are not healthy. It was when King David had won all his battles, that he fell into sin with Bathsheba.

The quiet lull after a busy season is not non-time, it is not invisible time, it is not unimportant; in fact it is essential for reflection, for soul-care and for reigniting joy. To help me process, I will often take a long walk with Sammy, or we’ll go for coffee, and she will kindly, patiently let me talk. Journaling can also be a great tool in this period for capturing learning, and giving thanks to God. If you’re not married, seek fellowship with a good listener and jealously prioritise intimacy with the Lord.

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