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From Three Stations to Unlimited Streaming

July 27, 2022

The last show I remember doing this with was the epic “Lost.”

Our nephew and I’d meet for lunch to analyze scenes, lines, and characters in the most recent episode.

It was easy to avoid dropping a Spoiler, because the next episode hadn’t yet aired.

Great conversations!

For many of us, things like that now often start with something like, “Seen that show [insert title here]? With [insert actor(s) name(s)]?”

Many times the other person replies with something like, “Yeah, no, saw the trailer, added it to my list. But have you seen [insert something remotely like the actual title], you know, that one about those people who were gone and that creepy guy? And I usually don’t like science fiction but that’s not really what it was. Seen it?”

“Haven’t even heard of it.”

Picture two ships. Passing each other. In the proverbial night.

It’s happening.

With increasing frequency.

Moving forward, where to go for common ground?

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