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CLUB 444: Meanwhile, in Texas

July 18, 2022

Christian S. Wilkey has graciously given me his expressed permission to share this with you here —-

I was talking to my grandfather today who is a retired Methodist pastor. He is now down in Texas. He attended a meeting today where 30% of the churches in his district (the Methodist denomination is organized into regional districts) voted to disaffiliate with The United Methodist Church and join The Global Methodist Church.

There are some differences such as property rights and what is owned by an individual church vs. what is owned by the governing body of the church that many GMC affiliates will claim motivated their decision. But honestly that’s all “the Civil War was fought over states rights” BS, in my frank view.

The big difference and most important (regardless of what anyone else says) is that the Global United Methodist does not affirm our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in Christ. They cannot become ordained, and GMC buildings cannot be used to sanctify marriage between a gay/lesbian couple.

Meanwhile, going forward from this schism, an individual United Methodist Church/pastor will be free to ignore and disregard that exclusionary language and practice if they so choose.

Grandpa let me know how he feels and he feels differently than me. He’s family, but I had to inform him that I would never attend a GMC church and will never offer my talents as a musician to a church that indentifies as such.

To all soon-to-be former United Methodist churches who are disaffiliating, God bless you. We part in grace but it is necessary that we part. There is no compromise here. I wish you all luck and pray for your understanding should any of your personal loved ones ever come out as gay.

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