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One Month Ago & Far, Far Ahead

June 10, 2022

Their entire lives they will produce fruit;

they will remain vital and green.

—- Psalm 92:14

One month ago today I was sitting on our back porch. It was early. Lotsa birds chirping.

That day’s version of this daily devotional blog was finished and posted, as was my almost-daily devotional video.

I was starting my third cup of coffee.

Patty and Martin, the almost-11-year-old puppy who lets us live with him, were out walking.

And…it was my birthday.

Patty had already surprised me with 3 cards, a hummingbird feeder set, and a rechargeable leaf blower among other things.

Tons of people were already popping up in my social media to say Happy Birthday. 

It was all wonderful!             

And Psalm 92:14, which I quoted a moment ago, loomed large for me that morning.

I saw, and still see today, evidence of it being lived out and that’s exciting.

I also saw, and again still see, that verse as a goal for all of us together: Their entire lives they will produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.

All of us.


To quote an old song, “We’ve still got a long way to go.” I’m thrilled and grateful that you and I are on this journey together.

A month after my birthday, I count you as a another great gift I’m still enjoying.

I thank God and I thank you!

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