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CLUB 444: Disaffiliation & Continuity, from Florida’s Bishop

June 10, 2022

Bishop Ken Carter, two days ago, looking ahead to Annual Conference in Florida (highlights, for your convenience, are mine)—

A significant moment will be the disaffiliation of 14 local churches. These churches have done the work based on paragraph 2553 in the Book of Discipline with our Conference Trustees. Two-thirds of them are small rural churches and three-fourths are served by local pastors. My love for and service to the church has included a heart for the rural church and teaching local pastors in course of study and licensing schools. Should the body act on this we will take time to send these persons forth with our blessing.

Of equal importance to me is the launch of a way of connecting persons, many from these churches and communities, who wish to remain United Methodist, and there are considerable numbers of them in every church considering disaffiliation. We will announce the launch of this initiative on Friday. While this has been incubated in Florida, it will be a gift to the whole church. It is nothing more nor less than this—a way for persons to continue and strengthen their walk with Jesus as United Methodists. This may be one of the most significant outcomes of our annual conference

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