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You and I Probably Know at Least One

May 23, 2022

Bear one another’s burdens,

and so fulfill the law of Christ.

—- Galatians 6:2

WARNING: This is a difficult read. And a difficult reality. I sourced it from The Addict’s Diary. It’s painfully honest. And it’s tragically true for someone in too many families and circles of friends —-

You put me anywhere in the world with a dope habit and I’ll find heroin—I’m a drug addict.

You put me anywhere on God’s green earth clean and sober with nothing to my name and I’ll build a whole new life for myself in 3 months—I’m a drug addict.

You give me 5,000 dollars, a cocaine dealer, and a pack of syringes and in four weeks I’ll come out of a motel room unrecognizable—I’m a drug addict.

You show me anyone who thinks we’re just some worthless junkies who can’t change and in 30 minutes I’ll make a believer out of them—I’m a drug addict.

You stick me in any bar give me one beer and in one hour I’ll be snorting cocaine. Two days later I’ll stop sniffing when I finally shoot heroin—I’m a drug addict.

You show me anyone on this planet who’s hopeless and in 30 minutes I’ll inspire them to change their life—I’m a drug addict.

You show me you love me, and I’ll make you hate me—I’m a drug addict.

I am an extremely talented living series of contradictions.

There’s actually two of me.

Which one you see depends entirely upon one thing—sobriety.

I’m a drug addict. (source: #TheAddictsDiary)

—- And you and I probably know at least one.

And probably love them.

That’s a good start.

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