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CLUB 444: Some GMC Health Care Info

May 20, 2022

A friend and colleague wrote this on Tuesday —

Few days past I posted an inquiry about health care for retirees joining the Global Methodist Church. I was frustrated as I could not receive clarity on the issue. I have been able to authenticate the answer.

First, every UMC conference sets their own healthcare policies.

Second, EOUMC has a policy that if a retiree joins another denomination their healthcare is suspended. I am not certain when this policy was enacted, but it predates the last two General Conferences. I think.

Third, healthcare is a privilege of membership, not years served prior to retirement. It is not a guaranteed part of a ministers retirement plan, unlike pensions.

Fourth, to be clear this policy is not connected to the current separation event in the United Methodist Church.

Personal Note: This policy will not deter my wife and me from withdrawing from the UMC. Actually, I am the one officially withdrawing, but the policy impacts both our lives. We accept this policy as part of the cost of our decision.

— And things grow ever more interesting.

Wondering how all this reads for people in business/corporate settings. Anybody care to comment?

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  1. Like vesting policies, withdrawal from a group has consequences. The grass is not always greener on the other side of a fence.


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