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💯 Life Changing

May 15, 2022

Kim Scarbrough was in a church I served when she was an active youth member. It’s with her gracious permission that I share this with you here, which she wrote one month and one day ago. It applies today. – – –

Today is 4-14. A day to share my faith in Jesus because I believe we are all born for “such a time as this”. Just like Esther. Just like you.

These moments in time we’ve been given to reach out our hands and serve others. Since it’s Holy Week and there is a lot that runs through my mind during this week every year.

I’m reminded of some mind blowing basic but foundational truths. Jesus’s sacrificial-profit-fulfilling death. Jesus’s 💯 deity at the same time his 💯 humanity. Also his bodily resurrection from the grave that hundreds of people witnessed. Not only witnessed but then wrote about and died for the truth of it as martyrs.

The gift that is the Bible and the beautiful life-breathing truth it contains. There are so many amazing facts about the New Testament. For example, did you know there are over 5,000 copies of the Greek NT manuscripts and three times that many in non-Greek languages. Or that scholars date a lot of the NT accounts by the eyewitnesses within a few years after Jesus’s death (some even think within a few months… look up Gray Habermas).

Did you know that the closest document we have that tells us about Alexander the Great was written hundreds of years after he died?

The point is that there is this amazing person named Jesus who actually lived and actually died and actually lives again.

You should get to know him, because it’s literally life changing.

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