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“This is a Delicate Time”

February 25, 2022

Andra Moran is a Christian author, songwriter, singer, and more. It’s with the gracious permission of this longtime online friend that I can share with you what she wrote last night —-

Pray for peace.

My dad and I talked on the phone for a while this morning. He was career Army; a chaplain, retired as a full colonel.

This morning, he recalled a parallel time for US troops when we were stationed in Europe at the beginning of the Gulf War. He said he had a visceral memory of being in staff briefings going over the logistics for what was coming.

He remembered in detail how the 97th General Hospital was preparing overflow spaces to handle casualties— the Army highschool gym, the military movie theater and more.

Military personnel and support staff were preparing to handle the horrors of war on every front for soldiers, their families and civilians.

I remember standing in line to come onto the Army base for high school, waiting for the Military Police to search our backpacks and screening cars.

This is a delicate time.

Pray for peace.

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