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Stepping into The Uncertainty, part 2

February 4, 2022

More from Lutheran Dawn Trautman, picking up where we stopped yesterday —

The same goes for you. Be gentle. Don’t measure your output by what you did in the before-times. Commit to less, and then stack your preparation so that you can be nimble.

Because here’s what I think happens otherwise: We like one plan better, and so we ignore the other possibility. Then it becomes even more annoying if we have to go with the other possibility that we never liked and now aren’t ready to execute.

So here’s to under-committing, over-planning, and taking better care of yourself.

— But wait. Hear that? It’s the threat of being seen as unproductive. Or lazy. Or unfocused. Or anything else someone wants to throw at us for any number of reasons.

I’m reminded of my time sojourning with presumably well-intentioned Christians of another denominational tribe. They say that some of us who claim to live in God’s grace excel at “trying harder and doing more” often to the point of our own ineffectiveness.

Maybe we do.

Maybe we need to follow Dawn’s prescription, starting today with “under-committing” ourselves.

If the very idea of that makes you squirm…did it hit a nerve?

Let’s start right there tomorrow.

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