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Another Step into Uncertainty

February 3, 2022

Dawn Trautman, a Lutheran sister of ours in Christ, packs wisdom here —

The world remains uncertain.

Maybe this winter and spring, the self-compassionate (and responsible!) thing to do is to commit to less things, and then prepare two or three plans for the things you are committing to do. Like, build flexibility right into our plans.

Here’s what I mean: In a couple weeks, I’m scheduled to speak to the Board of the ELCA Children, Youth and Family Ministry Network with ideas for a leadership pipeline. I’m still not sure if I’ll be presenting in person or online because there are a million moving pieces that continue to move (by no fault of the board. Just wanted to be clear about that. They’re lovely people.)

This uncertainty has the potential to drive me crazy. After two years of semi-uncertainty about All The Things, here’s another one.

You know what I’ve learned to do? I’m planning for both scenarios. From the outset, I’m structuring my presentation so that it will work in-person or online. I’m clearing my schedule for that weekend of travel in case I’m gone, and I’ll just have a glorious break from responsibilities if I’m in town.

— Patty’s facing the same dilemma with some of her schedule. So are you. So am I.

Take time today to catch your breath…and maybe THE very best thing you can possibly do is take a moment to catch your breath, even in this snow-sleet-ice storm.

Need a place to start? Here we go: This is the day the Lord has made; let’s celebrate! (Psalm 118:24)

Now reread what Dawn says above here…and let’s pick up there tomorrow.

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