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January 10, 2022

“Read” is the first word imprinted on select products by a stationery company.

How are you coming with your New Years Resolutions, or your New Years Routines?(And thanks to Kathie Waltman for that latter concept!)

The first step in the right direction might well be this simply four-letter word: “Read.”

I yield the mic to John Wesley, who on August 17, 1760, wrote to a friend and said —

“Whether you like it or not,

read and pray daily.

It is your life.

There is no other way; 

else you will be a trifler.”

— A trifle is a fluffy English dessert. It’s also something that does not have much value or importance. Mr. Wesley advised against being like that.


“Read” today.

I recommend starting with Scripture in general and The Gospel According to St. John in particular.


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