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Never Together, part 4

January 6, 2022

[QUICK REVIEW: from the Wall St. Journal, “When you really think about it, wow, we could be in a world where we never have all of our people together. It actually made me sad,” Mr. Oros said. “It really, really matters to have people together.”]

PREFACE to my humble blog for today —- If you missed yesterday’s entry, please read it and at least answer my question for yourself. Serious stuff.

Being brutally honest, I wonder how many Christians would also be “sad” if their church never got everyone together again at the same time.

And if you can name people in your congregation you’d not miss, I wonder how many would feel the same way about you.

“Oh, come on, Joe, we never have everybody there anyway! Never did have, even before the pandemic!”

And look where that was getting us….

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