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A Prayer This Week — part 3

November 17, 2021

God, help me

to choose to embrace the new things

that lead to your unseen blessings.

My parents told me that as small child I’d emphatically tell them I could do things by myself.

According to them I would shout, “Josie do by self!”

Time went by.

Imagine my surprise upon hearing that same independent sentiment expressed by the child who bore my name.

Time went by.

Patty and I have learned that while each other is indeed quite capable to accomplishing various tasks, it’s usually more enjoyable to share them.

Those moments sometimes start with one of us asking the other for help.

Our shared prayer this week starts with a plea that’s an acknowledgement of our primary and ultimate need: God, help me.

Join the rest of us in that prayer today and come back tomorrow.

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  1. What new things?


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