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August 10, 2021

Amber Huff was a Sunday School Kid when I was the pastor of her family’s church. (She was an excellent friend to son LJ4, by the way!) Now she’s an Educator and so much more. It’s with her expressed and gracious permission that I share the following with you here, which she wrote very recently —

People have become desensitized in many ways to how COVID is still affecting people.

People are tired of hearing about it, tired of worrying about it, tired of trying to figure out which “expert” to listen to, people are just tired.

They are tired of wearing masks, tired of the guidelines changing, tired, tired, tired.

I get it it, I’ve been tired before this whole pandemic started and I’m pretty sure at this point I’m at a whole new level of tired that I didn’t even know existed.

I’m tired of having to tell my kids to wear masks, I’m tired of wondering if they are going to be exposed because of mask optional policies being implemented at schools, I’m tired of wondering if I’m making the right decision of sending them to school, I’m tired of wearing a mask too! I get it!

We want it to just go away and in true red blooded American fashion we think if we just keep moving forward, if we don’t let that COVID get control of what we do and don’t do, it will just go away. That we will show that COVID who’s boss.

God I wish that was how it worked. I wish that if I just looked it in the face and said I’m not scared of you it would go away, that it wouldn’t effect my family and friends, that it would just say “Okay” and go back to hibernating or wherever it hung out before 2020. Unfortunately though, that’s not how this works,

COVID isn’t going to just bow out because we ask it nicely, because we say I’m not scared of you and spit on it.

You know why? Because that’s not the way viruses work.

I get it, you’re tired of the posts, of the news, of the arguing.

So, I guess the question is if you’re tired of it, what are you going to do about it?

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