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Prayer Request: for Churches Getting New Pastors

June 10, 2021

If you’re a United Methodist, this time of year sometimes brings a change of pastoral leadership.

For laity, often it’s an experience of, “We just about got used to this one, now they’re already sending us another?”

It can also be, “She’s the best pastor ever! Why are they taking her away from us?”

Or, “It’s about time. It’s a miracle we’re still even a church after this trainwreck.”

My personal favorite? “Hate to see you leave. Every one they send us is worse than the one before.”

Prayer Request: That churches getting new pastors will simply, by the grace of God, be churches. In the best possible sense of that word. You know, the biblical sense.

And as for pastors arriving at new churches? Meet me back here tomorrow.

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