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But Why Write Down My List of Blessings? Or, “What Stephen King and Fern Have in Common, part 2”

June 9, 2021

“When we write by hand, we connect to ourselves,” says Julia Cameron. “We may get speed and distance when we type, but we get a truer connection–to ourselves and our deepest thoughts– when we actually put pen to page.”

Julia knows whereof she speaks. Trust me, I trust her. For details, see her classic book, The Artist’s Way, or any of the library shelf spawned from it since the early 90s.

One more dose of her prescription —

When we write by hand, it is more like we are driving 60 miles an hour. “Here comes my exit,” we say, well before we get to it. “Look, there’s even a gas station there. And what beautiful foliage…” In other words, we notice ourselves and our surroundings. And in doing this, the paradox is that we are ultimately more effective– and, yes, efficient– throughout our day.

— Love that image!

Try it with your list of Blessings. (For a Quick Review, zip to yesterday’s humble blog here and come back.)

And after about a month, let me know the difference it’s made.

I’m guessing Fern’s song is gonna be true for you, too: “it will surprise you what the Lord has done.”

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