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BONUS BLOG: That Image of These Past Almost 50 Days

May 22, 2021
May be an image of text that says 'ήγέρθη'

I’ve used this image in my social media and elsewhere since Easter Sunday. From its source comes this —

The butterfly is a long-held symbol of resurrection and new life.

It perches atop a hyacinth, mythic herald of spring and rebirth which also symbolizes a massive heavenly triumphal concert proclaiming the arrival of the Resurrected King of Creation.

The sunrise represents a new beginning in Jesus’ redemption of mankind.

Its seven rays stand for completeness, perfection, and unity.

The outer ring is comprised of eight sections, a reminder that a new beginning in Christ is beyond completion, beyond perfection, even more than whole.

The Greek egerthe is the traditional Easter greeting, “He is Risen.”

— With that as the backdrop: one of my favorite songs by Charles Wesley has us singing, “My chains fell off, my heart was free! I rose, went forth, and followed thee.”


And tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. Acts 2 has a ton of details. And here we go!

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