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You’re a Witness

May 5, 2021

“My journal reminded me of the pain and hardship of those years,” writes Leanne Hadley, “but my memories are mostly of a God who held me tight and loved me through my deepest, darkest days.”

Maybe you can say the same thing.

I can too, if I stop and think about those times. You know the ones; you have them as well.

“I know there is a God who sustains us through difficult, hopeless times,” she continues in Disciplines 2021, “because I witnessed God’s love and power in my own life.”

Again, maybe you can say the same thing.

So can I. So can friends of ours. We know people who wouldn’t still be with us were it not for “God’s love and power.” You, too?

From page 136 of that same book: “Think of those times in your own life where you have been a witness to the power of God.”

Without trying to be overly dramatic, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading it without those times.

Besides being grateful, what shall we do with all this?

The conclusion, which sure feels like a beginning: “This is your story to share!”

Want to know more? Luke 24:44-48.

And I look forward to meeting you back here tomorrow.

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