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“So Why am I Irritated?”

March 11, 2021
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Why do we let the little things bother us?
I woke up to smart remark from a call of
“It must be nice to sleep in.”
I worked over 80 hours in last 7 days
while still recovering from serious illness.
I know I am not lazy.
That person sits at a desk Mon- Fri 9-5.
So why am I irritated?
— That was written some time ago by a friend whose identity I’m protecting.
You’ve asked yourself that first question, Why do we let the little things bother us?
So have I.
You’ve asked yourself that second question, So why am I irritated?
So have I.
How do you answer those? I’d love to know.
Looking forward to hearing from you through any of the usual ways, and hope to see you back here tomorrow.

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  1. Guy Lajeunesse permalink

    Interestingly, if anyone wanted to push my “button,” he or she would insinuate that I am not pulling my weight or am not stepping up to the plate in my work. I am a 500 percenter when it comes to any endeavor I undertake. Schooled from day one in the art of diplomacy, courtesy, and manners, I hold self-control to be paramount. Imagine the element of surprise when I do “blow.” My mother’s Celtic fire and eloquence, as well as my father’s French logic and cynicism, can fuse instantly to create what I call “taser tongue.” There is usually a 30 second to one-minute “event” followed by a slight aftershock, and then angry tears. Body parts and shaken psyches have to be collected and identified as the air clears…


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