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One Practical Question, Not Just for Pastors

March 4, 2021

[QUICK REVIEW: “The very nature of ministry lends itself to the care of others and the neglect of oneself.” True or False? RSVP It’s a line from Passages of a Pastor, a book I pulled off my shelf while working on a recent project. When Zondervan published Cecil Paul’s book in 1981, it came highly recommended.

Back to Passages of a Pastor: “The very nature of ministry lends itself to the care of others and the neglect of oneself. This becomes apparent in the pastor who physically burns out in his middle years and suffers with a major heart attack in his later years.” That was published in 1981, remember. Since then our understanding and appreciation of pastors beyond he/his has become more normative. Denominational governance has encouraged and implemented efforts at wholistic health of all in ministry. With varying degrees of acceptance.]

Surely we can do better as we continue to move into/through/beyond COVID-19 and its attendant restrictions.

MY PRACTICAL QUESTION: what are some workable ways that we as the people who by the grace of God are the Church, both laity and clergy, can move further beyond “the neglect of oneself” as a ministry standard? RSVP through any of the usual ways.

Greatly appreciate you and your ideas!

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