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In a World with So Much Hate & Fear

January 13, 2021
Brent Robert is a friend in real life who was part of a church it was my joy to help pastor. He recently wrote the following, and it’s with his gracious permission that I can share it with you —
Alicia and I were driving around and talking yesterday about how the world is getting worse and worse and how there is so much evil in it and how it can bring you down and make you depressed.
When I went into the store to get a few things and came back out she was smiling and I asked what she was smiling about and she said that when I was inside she saw a father and his young son come out and get into their truck and when he did so he gently raised his son up and buckled him in and gave him a donut and in that very very small moment she realized that this world still has kindness and we just have to open our eyes and notice the good people in it.
When the world gets so bad that everyone losses hope, the only hope that we will have is for good men to fight back. I believe that day will come sooner than later.
So in a world with so much hate and fear, do a kind act and pass it on so others might change their way.

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  1. Acts of kindness still make a difference, for the recipient and the viewers.


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