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Grief & Anticipation

December 6, 2020

John Vidakovich. I mention him often, always in glowing terms. We’ve been colleagues and friends and roommates and survivors and more. And we’ve simply been there for each other innumerable times.  

Here’s one example of why, and it’s with his gracious permission that I can share it with you here —

“I am grieving during this time of COVID.

“I realize the the Church, the church I loved and served for forty years and counting, will never be the same. The institution that provided a sense of solid grounding in community and family life is slowly dying. The cherished buildings and rituals and traditions do not mean the same these days that they used to.

“I grieve, but I do not despair.

“God is a God of redemption and something new and vital will emerge in its place. New ways of doing things will hopefully bring in new people with new ideas. I tend to be judgmental of things I don’t understand.

“In my last years I hope to take on the role of a cheerleader and yield to the inevitable movement of the Spirit and history. I grieve what was yet anticipate what is to come.”

— Amen, Pastor, Amen!

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